Kees Admiral of Tulips

Kees Admiraal der Tulpen
Hardback ISBN: 978-3-943974-04-1
eBook ISBN: 978-3-943974-07-2

Kees Admiral of Tulips Kees Admiral of Tulips

Kees Admiral of Tulips

Holland at the time Till Eulenspiegel. The Netherlands is fighting a war of independence against Spain. The troops of Phillip II besiege the city of Leiden, the birthplace  of Rembrandt. Against this historical background the twelve-year-old main character Kees and his friends share countless adventures.

A story full of intrigue, with spine-tingling moments and enigmatic characters: Kees (Cornelis Joppensz), the Clever and mischievous Red Fox, the daring circus artist Karakol, a mysterious girl named Ele, Willem van Oranje, Van der Werff, the robber Iron Tooth, and many others.

The book is based on extensive and detailed historical material and Dutch folklore. It was written in 1975 by popular Russian author Konstantin Sergienko. The author creates an almost magical, but nonetheless credible and entertaining phantasmagoria for children.

The book had great success and was included in the extended reading list (non-school reading) for history classes in middle school. After it became a rarity, it was reissued in December 2010.